Equip America

Your City May Be Next!

Upcoming Equip America Events:

Orlando, FL – January 29, 2022
Albany, GA – January 29, 2022
Mayagüez, PR – January 29, 2022 (Spanish)
Fort Payne, AL – March 19, 2022
El Paso, TX – March 19, 2022 (Spanish)
Stillwater, OK – March 19, 2022
Tampa, FL – March 19, 2022
Grand Junction, CO – March 19, 2022
Tallahassee, FL – April 23, 2022
Las Vegas, NV – April 23, 2022
Pueblo, CO – April 23, 2022
North Providence, RI – April 23 2022 (Spanish)
Harrisburg, OR June 25, 2022
Houston, TX – June 25, 2022 (Spanish)
Lake Tahoe, CA – August 13, 2022
Orange County, CA – August 13, 2022 (English, Spanish, Korean)
Tampa, FL – September 24, 2022

Why Equip America?

More than ever, people in your city are desperate for hope – a hope that can only be filled through Jesus Christ. It only takes a moment to decide to share the most exciting truth we have – our faith. Time is short. We can do more with our moments. Together, we can bring hope to those who are searching for it. Let’s share our faith with confidence!


Invest your Saturday into someone’s eternity.

One day is all it takes. Witness first hand what it looks like to share your faith with the people you meet in a non-threatening way, with kindness and confidence. Equip America will help you present the Gospel of Jesus Christ using something you carry with you wherever you go: your hand. It’s easy! And you can begin sharing your faith with others right away. Together, we can impact America!

God is at work. Let’s join with Him, together.

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